Feel the wind and the sea


Feel the wind in your hair and sense the smell of the sea. See the sails being filled with wind and hear the bow of the ships breaking the waves.


Join one of Tradition Sailing's cruises and experience what it is to sail a traditional ship. No previous experience is required and we offer everything from evening cruises up to several day long cruises


Charter one of the yachts for your birthday, for your company kick off or simply bring a bunch of friend for a week end at sea.   

Charter a yacht

Charter one of the yachts for your private sailing or company kick off

Daytours and cruises


Join one of the popular day-cruises in the beautiful archipelago

Nautical courses


Get your nautical certificate onboard during one of the popular courses



"We chartered Mathilda for our team kick off and had some true enjoyable days, valuable for our teambuilding"

We mainly sail on the west coast of Sweden, in the county Bohuslän. This is a wonderful part of Sweden with a lot of islands and small fishing villages with red fisherman cottages. During the summer the area is pretty busy with other boats but during the spring and late summer we often have a bay for ourselves.

The company


Tradition sailing is a small shipping company with the mission to let more people experience the wonderful life onboard a traditional ship at sea. We are passionate about the maritime heritage and want to allow more people to learn more about sailing a traditional ship.


We have two skippers in the company who both have many years’ experience of sailing, traditional yachts as well as education at sea.


Karin Rosenberg is skipper with “Fartygsbefäl klass VI”. Beside working for Tradition sailing she is skipper onboard passenger ships in the Gothenburg archipelago. Karin has more than 20 years’ experience from traditional yachts. Karin is also active in Föreningen Västkustskutorna and Maritimt i Väst which is the West Götaland region´s group focusing on saving the maritime heritage.


Thomas Gunnarsson is the second skipper in Tradition sailing with Fartygsbefäl Klass VIII and TF70 certificate. He has more than 40 years sailing experience and since 16 years back he is the owner of the yacht Westwind. Thomas is also active in the board of Sail Training International, Tall Ships Race and Maritimt i Väst as well as working for the Sjöskolan Beckholmen as a navigational teacher.